HS3-SE Goldshell Handshake Miner

Goldshell HS3-SE Aluminum | Quiet 930GH/s   |   930W   |   1W/G The Perfect Choice For Mining At Home Tutorial  |   Know more about HNS {{ vc_btn: title=Order+Now&style=classic&color=warning&size=lg&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fas+fa-shopping-cart&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.goldshell.com%252Fshop%252F%7C%7C%7C }} Product Parameters Hashrate:930GH/S (-5%~+5%) Wall power:930W/h (-5%~+5%) Noice:≤55db...

HS1-PLUS – Handshake Miner

Goldshell HS1-PLUS Silence, Small, Efficient 105GH/s   |   115W   |   1.1W/G Handshake  Home  Mining Github   |    Tutorial   |   What's HNS {{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=classic&color=info&size=lg&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fas+fa-shopping-cart&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.goldshell.com%252Fproduct%252Fpre-order-goldshell-hs1-plus-handshake-miner-105gh-s-ship-before-2020-09-10%252F%7Ctitle%3ABUY%7C%7C }} Product Parameters Hashrate:       105GH/s(+-5%) Wall Power:  115W(+-5%) Noise:   ...

HS3 – Handshake Miner

Goldshell HS3 Professional and Powerful 2000GH/s   |   2KW   |   1W/G Handshake Miner Learn More About Handshake Product Parameters Hashrate:       2TH/s(-5%~+5%) Wall power:   2kW/h(-5%~+5%) Noice:              ≤75db Fan Speed: ...

HS1 – Handshake Miner

Goldshell HS1 Silence, Small, Efficient 50GH/s   |   57W   |   1.14W/G Handshake  Home  Mining Github   |    Tutorial {{ vc_btn: title=Buy+Now&style=classic&color=info&size=lg&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fas+fa-shopping-cart&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.goldshell.com%252Fproduct%252Fgoldshell-hs1%252F%7Ctitle%3ABUY%7C%7C }} Product Parameters Hashrate:       50GH/s(+-5%) Wall Power:  57W(+-5%) Fan Speed:    3000 RPM...

X6S – Litecoin Miner

Goldshell X6S Litecoin Miner  

X5S – Litecoin Miner

Goldshell X5S Litecoin Miner  

X5 – Litecoin Miner

Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner