Why we are here?

Since the introduction of HS1 to the market in 2020, we have engaged with customers worldwide. The development of HS1 aimed to address pain points faced by users, such as the challenges of finding mining facilities, high initial capital requirements, and steep entry barriers. In response, we provided a solution – the home miner, aligning with our mission to make mining accessible to everyone.

During the bear market, there is no doubt that the strength of miners needed improvement. We have made various enhancements to enhance the user experience. These include the introduction of HUB Service, making machines adaptable for power consumption, ongoing chip development, and launching marketing product lines with distinctive features, like the home miner BOX series.

Our intention has always been to serve our customers. We have gathered feedback from hundreds of users and actively listened to their voices through various social media activities.

We have some positive feedback

And we also have some pain points from our users.

We Haven’t Stopped Progressing

Continuously working on firmware updates, such as the machine sleep mode. What we’re very certain about is that by the end of the year, we’ll be launching new machines, and yes, they are miners.

But why are we introducing a non-miner product at this time? Have we given up? Absolutely not.

We’re a company dedicated to providing hardware solutions for blockchain users. We’ve been manufacturing based on current chips and continually exploring more possibilities. Our goal is to offer a wider range of products for this industry.

1. We’ve expanded into the consumer electronics category, making it possible for more people to engage in the design and production of blockchain+ products.

2. We’ve taken note of our users’ habits, especially those who engage in high-frequency trading. Real-time coin prices and the ability to monitor your miner’s earnings are essential needs that we’ve addressed.

What does this mean for “Seamless Crypto Connectivity”?

We Listen, and We wish we can move forward together.

We completely understand that some of our users have been puzzled, maybe even frustrated, by our decision to launch a watch. It might seem like a deviation from our core business, or even a betrayal of the mining community.

Rest assured, we haven’t. During the bear market, we’ve actually invested more energy into chip design and development. We won’t let you down. Starting from mining machines, we are only going further and wider.

We hope to stand with you through this bear market and move towards a new chapter together.