What revenue you gain when you use MINI DOGE II and III to mine bell coin?

What is BELLS?

How to set up and connect to your mining pool?

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One More Thing to do with MINI DOGE Series



Block Rewards: Up to 10,000 Bells, Participation in $30000 Allocation

BELLS, utilizing the Scrypt mining algorithm which the same as $DOGE and $LTC, operates on a Proof-of-Work system and is frequently mined using Scrypt ASIC miners. With a capped supply of 500 million, BEL offers varying block rewards. Each block yields a random number of coins, ranging from 50、100、250、500、1000、10000. The halving will occur in approximately 90 days, with the total mining duration spanning 4 years to complete.

What revenue you gain when you use MINI DOGE II and III to mine $BEL?

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(PROP)Proportional is the simplest reward system. Rewards come from “rounds” – the time between one block found by the pool and the next. You are rewarded for the shares you submit in proportion to all shares submitted during each round. For example, if the shares you submit during a round account for 50% of the total shares, then your reward is 50% of the block reward.

Block Height 101-129600 RewardProbability
10000 Bells1%

What is $BELLS?

BELLS($BEL) is another project from Shibetoshi Nakamoto @BillM2k, the founder of Dogecoin. This is what his vision about “BELLS”.

Also, This twitter (Credit to @adamamcbride) thread will bring you some information about BELLS Project and CPU Mining

$BEL Market Trend

Market Vol: 399977, Market Price (4.16 USDT), 5 Day change%: + 41%

How To Mine


Preparation Before Mining

Register a wallet before starting mining BEL.

Download BELLS wallet – 

Setup BELLS wallet –

Check the miner, network, and electricity situation.

Configure Your Mining Device

Your miner must be connected to the DxPool server listed below for your hashrate and revenue to be recorded and monitored.

You’ll need to enter the following information in your mining device:


User/Worker:BEl wallet address

Password: Your choice

Please note

Worker name is optional, but we recommend connecting each mining device with a separate worker name for efficient monitoring.

Goldshell Mining Tutorial Professional Edition

Start Mining Today

Your miners are now ready to mine!

As long as you’re submitting your hashrate successfully, you will receive payouts from DxPool.

To view your real-time BEL payout records, visit the DxPool website or Download DxPool App.

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