New Miners are arriving. HS BOX Ⅱ, Seize to SC Boom.

HS BOX Ⅱ, Comes with Dual Script which is able to mine HNS & SC


Exploring Miner Performance: HS BOX Ⅱ and the Dual Algorithm Family (HS6 SE, KD5 PRO)

Dual Algorithm Switch Tutorial

Advanced Features of Our Miners

2023 Market Insights on SC & HNS Coins

 Total Hashrate Network
SC32.72 PH/s
HNS4.38 PH/s

HS BOX Ⅱ : Alternative Options for SC BOX Ⅱ (Alternative Picks for SC BOX Ⅱ: Lower Price, Comparable Performance, Similar Break-Even Time – Less Than 1 Year at Current Prices)

HS BOX Ⅱ Purchase Link:ⅱ/

AlgorithmBlake2bBlake2b + SHA3
Hashrate1200 GH/S460 GH/S
Efficiency0.27 J/GH0.87 J/GH
Coin Per Day 12/19/2023138.35715.147
Daily Revenue 12/19/2023$0.99$0.45

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Dual Algorithms, Not Just HS BOX Ⅱ

 > HS6SE

 HS6 SE 
AlgorithmBlake2bBlake2b + SHA3
Hashrate8.2 T/S3.7 T/S
Efficiency0.24W/G0.92 W/G
Coin Per Day 12/19/2023945.44123.59
Daily Revenue 12/19/2023$6.9717$3.5

Explore HS6 SE :


AlgorithmBlake2bBlake2b + SHA3
Hashrate2.9 T/S1.36 T/S
Efficiency0.24W/G0.92 W/G
Coin Per Day 12/19/2023336.7346.27
Daily Revenue 12/19/2023$2.47$1.38

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Advantages of Dual-Algorithm Mining

1. Flexibility in Mining Different Coins

1.1 Switch Algorithm in just one click

1.2 More details turtorials is here:

2. Benefits of mining SC and HNS coins simultaneously

2.1 In a long run investment, you will have such benefits

  • Increased Profitability
  • Diversification of Risk

Advanced Features of the Miners

Beyond this, Yes, at the top of the article, we highlight the key features you care about the most, like hashrate and power consumption. Additionally, Goldshell Miners offer three versatile modes and a remote control app to enhance your mining performance and extend the longevity of your miners.

Three Versatile Modes

Hashrate Mode for Maximum Mining

Low  Power Mode for Energy-Saving Efficiency

Idle Mode for Longevity, Optimizing your Mining Experience

More turtorials:

Remote Control with Goldshell App and Hub.

Overview of SC and HNS coins and their growing popularity

Siacoin (SC)

Project Key Events 2023

Jul: Update on Sia network’s progress.

Aug: Focus on Grants Program & network insights.

Nov: Multiple developments in Sia ecosystem.

Dec-Jan: Siacoin hackathon to drive innovation.

In the past one year and recent coin price

Dec: SC price shows volatility, ranging around $0.0074 to $0.0083.

In 2023, SC coin price reached approximate 200% Up.


Total hashrate network change: In 2023, Total Network hashrate increased 78% from 18.25P to 32.72P



Project Key Events (2023)

  • Handshake (HNS) Coin Halving in 2023
  • Scheduled Date: Approximately April 29, 2023
  • Initial Block Reward: 2,000 HNS
  • Post-Halving Block Reward: Reduced to 1,000 HNS per block
  • Frequency: Halving occurs every 170,000 blocks, approximately every 3.23 years
  • Impact: Significant reduction in annual Handshake inflation