As the year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to look back on the incredible journey we’ve had in 2023.

Major Milestones in 2023

We launched new miners such as MINI DOGE II, MINI DOGE III, HS BOX II this year with better speed and efficiency. We also brought out products like the GS Watch, linking everyday items with crypto. Plus, we rolled out our first Goldshell Zone App for easier use, making things easier with remote miner control and instant alerts. Plus, we kicked off our Co-Create Miner, specially for our community members. All these updates have received a great response from our global community.

Challenges Overcome

When we launched the GS Watch, it stirred up quite a bit of debate. Our goal was to delve deeper into the blockchain industry, merging our everyday electronics with crypto. The watch features handy tools like miner status updates and real-time coin prices. We understand it might not offer the most powerful experience as some users expected, but we’re also working on more fun stuff, like offering various community-based watch faces. Anyway, We’re committed to exploring more in this field, bringing fresh energy to the industry. Stay tuned for what’s next!

Key Events and Initiates
 – Every End is a New Start

Every end marks a new beginning. We’re showing our gratitude for the work of LBRY company and the essence of decentralization by offering the LBC MINER for free, bolstering the continuous operation and growth of the LBC network. Following this, we launched the new MINI DOGE III, enhanced with improved features. The spirit of POW is everlasting. We’re not fans of the word ‘ending.’ We’ve shared incredible moments with this vibrant community. Now, let’s hear some thoughts from our community members.

Credit to fireboy299 and Ohsoright

Community at the Heart – Thank you to our GSfam

The highlight of 2023 was the unwavering support from our Goldshell community. Your feedback and engagement have been the driving force behind our continuous improvement. We’ve also hosted various events and giveaways that brought us closer to our community. Additionally, we released MINI DOGE III and organized our first community co-created event, allowing members to showcase their artistic talents and co-create a version that belongs to our Discord community. Many people participated in this event and shared their ideas. Here is an initial look at the co-created version.

Credit goes to cochnocher for coming up with a brilliant picture.

Then our artists gave out two different styles of designs and allowed members to choose their preferred one. Finally, we arrived at the first and only Community Edition case miners for Discord members.

This Community edition miners are arrvied at members’ hands. Let‘s see members return picture together.

Looking Back at 2023, Looking Forward in 2024

We know we missed some chances in the market in 2023. For 2024, we’re staying focused on making our home miners better and giving you what you want. Starting with KASPA Miners for both home and big industries is our first step. We’ll keep looking for new ways to improve our crypto services.

We’re working on different algorithms and equipment to make the most of market opportunities. Our goal is simple: to give you the best services and products. We want to be flexible, quick to respond, and always think about what you need.

Thanks for sticking with us. Here’s to growing and innovating together in the future.