With 130 days waiting, Goldshell has announced to bring back the upgraded version of MINI DOGE Ⅱ on Feb. 28. Dogecoin enthusiasts can now purchase their beloved $DOGE miner starting this March.

According to Goldshell, MINI DOGE Ⅱ builds upon the success of its predecessor, the original MINI DOGE, with several upgrades and improvements. These include TWO hashrate mode (Default/Low-power mode), TWO power connection ports, a more efficient cooling system, and a user-friendly interface that allows for easy configuration and monitoring of mining operations. 

MINI DOGE Ⅱ specification

Default mode420MH/400W
Low-power mode335MH/260W
Dimension17815084 mm
Noise level≤ 35db
Humidity≤ 65%
Input Voltage100-240V
Power cable10A

“We are excited to bring the MINI DOGE Ⅱ to market and offer our customers a friendly and used easy mining solution.” said a spokesperson for Goldshell. “Our team has worked hard to enhance the features and performance of this BOX, and we believe it will meet the needs of both experienced and novice miners.”

Besides MINI DOGE Ⅱ, Goldshell has also launched several BOX Ⅱ in the first quarter of 2023: CKBOX Ⅱ, KDBOX Ⅱ, SCBOX Ⅱ, all available on Goldshell SHOP. We offer online customer support to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. 

Here, Goldshell support team highly recommends that all BOX Ⅱ users read and follow below steps before start mining. Make sure you plug in TWO separate 6-pin ports before powering-on BOX Ⅱ. 

Follow BOX II setup tutorial:

There is always an event for DOGE fans, includes the Goldshell team! To celebrate with the MINI DOGE Ⅱ launched, DOGE fans’ event was opened: ‘Post your MINI DOGE or a photo of your puppy dog together’ before Mar.6th. More than 90+ users shared their adorable DOGEs in the first round, and 5 candidates entered the final round. After a community vote on Discord, the winner was Brandon Chambers and his DOGEs. 

Other TOP photos:

Take a look back at the ‘Want A DOGE’ event 1st & 2nd season winners, and their special DOGE:

We’ve prepared few special edition MINI DOGE Ⅱ for DOGE lovers. Featuring Goldie with his beloved DOGE!

Not only will the winner receive one, but a part of the first batch (3/1 order batch) users will get it randomly as well. Don’t be surprised if you receive the gift BOX!

The entire event closed on March.10th. We would like to thank all participants for sharing their happiness moments with DOGEs. Just as saying ‘It’s our DOGE – who wouldn’t love it!’

We’ll see you next time!