Helium, the People’s Network is made possible through Proof-of coverage algorithm, LongFi protocol and sophisticated, open-source technologies to build a decentralized wireless infrastructure.

Part I | What’s uGW800 Pro?

uGW800 Pro, the Helium and LoRaWAN hotspot has been officially launched in the last week. This is the first cooperation between uGWAN and Goldshell. uGWAN team focus on low-power network technology, sensors, telecommunications, GPS and blockchain one-stop solutions. Part of specific products has been applied to intelligent cities, asset tracking, elder caring and modern agriculture retail.

uGW800 Pro (146x123x40mm size), with 4x Core @1.5GHz, 2GB RAM and 3 dBi LoRa Antenna. Case with Nylon 6 case and IP65 waterproof, supportive Ethernet and/or WIFI connection, extended FRP antenna, up-to 7dBi LoRa antenna, better for indoor and outdoor installation. Currently, the hotspot only available on frequency 915 MHz.

Part II | Goldshell *Helium event “Peopleopinionmatter”

As a new product kick-off, we held an interesting debate event “Peopleopinionmatter”, started from Oct 15th to 30th on Goldshell Twitter and Discord. A warm-up vote showed, around half of users hodl or mine HNT, and another part doesn’t look good on the project.

There are hot topics around Helium current situation vs future outlook, miner long-term ROI vs continue hodl, low network usage vs 5G infrastructure development. Quick view some highlights if you are on the same boat.

“I think people in the US feel betrayed by HNT, as its seen by a large portion of the community that bought into the devices to build the network that there was no one actually using the network…Well I think trust in HNT now would be at an all time low. I do admit this would have way more functionality than their previous lowan or whatever it was called.”

“Community don’t care to the old miner. They are mainly focus on the 5G( newer miner). We the old miner make the helium to be well known today. old miner are basically holding the useless hundred dollar brick box. LoRaWAN people like reward will be worth like 1.2% ONLY when new 4G/5G will worth 88.9%.”

“In June of 2022 real world companies using HNT for their company spent a grand total of…. $6,561. Yes… a BILLION dollar network monthly revenue is $6,561. “

“Helium is misleading people. Such as big companies “Lime” and “Salesforce” Helium knew already back in 2019 that Lime didn’t want to have, or have a relationship with Helium and they constantly were misleading their customers. Same thing for Salesforce, Helium was misleading people and Salesforce was never using their service.”

Some hotspot users shared their personal view with referred some article and Youtube videos about Helium low network usage.


By the looks, people are not satisfied with “people’s network”, with a felt hurt from Helium current ecosystem, still many have faith and look good to their long-term development.

“The HIP70 decision will be a make or break for the HNT blockchain, the move to Solana may prove to be a great decision but #SOL hasn’t been reliable either. But there’s a lot of work to do to get there. Adoption needs to happen and fast. Mass use cases need to be born and developed for HNT to succeed.”

“I personally believe that helium has a very long way to go in terms of how everything is handled from the way their application runs to how the vote is weighted within the community. And also I feel as if there could be much more work done to start moving in the direction of mainstream adoption whether it is community events or even ad campaigns I understand that organic growth is for the better but I feel as if with helium it may help to have an even larger base of individuals than before. I do think the move to 5G was necessary as well I think it is a great step in the right direction and the IOT device connectability is massive and extremely exciting”

“The project is good but supports limited region at this point. The network is open one-handed and affected by the policy and then affect people’s income. Hope Helium can provide better technological development.”

“I like the idea of the project and got in early enough to make a nice profit. Long term the rewards have to trend downwards which I’m OK with & I love them adding 5G coverage but I do not like many of the leadership decisions recently. I’ll stay in but I wouldn’t get in now.”

Part III | Goldshell’s strategy

Beside these, many friends were curious about why Goldshell joined the Helium network right now?

“Helium is dead, you’re too late Goldshell.” “There is 0 reason you should be getting into HNT IoT mining at this stage.”

“Put your time and effort into Miners that bring you up to par with the latest and greatest. For once sell at a price that make a ROI realistic. Also put some more effort into the HUB.”

“Better products, Better sales. If their stuff is good and service equally so, clients recommend them to expand their client base. As long as they profit we get miners to do the same..”

Therefore, what’s the Goldshell’s strategy? We liked innovative ideas and potential behind the project, a powerful web3 technology to build on The People’s Network, faster growing telecommunication infrastructure. It is a new exploration for us, but also a challenge, more technical attempts on LoraWAN network and Helium blockchain. There is still more to learn and develop on blockchain technology.

Just as community members’ valued suggestions, we are, should putting more efforts on our product lines, from product quality to sales & support services. Mine, Competitive, Valuable is the most important development for us and community as well.

Goldshell will continue to drive and provide more innovation in the industry, this is a volatile and versatile industry, we are looking forward to providing more technical development in the future!

We’re providing a budget-friendly option for who is looking for Helium hotspot, is available on SHOP: https://www.goldshell.com/product/ugwan-ugw800-pro/