Goldshell has attended HandyCon2023 in last Wednesday (March.8th) with host Mike Michelini. It is grateful to meet Handshake community in the conference, share our insights and connections with all audience. Goldshell representative, James Chen, the brain behind Goldshell Discord server, had his session at 19:20-19:40 PST, March 8.

James has mainly talked THREE parts during the session: ‘The story between Handshake and Goldshell’, ‘World-wise connection’ and ‘Future plan’.

Watch the speech recording:

Ⅰ. Goldshell’s Journey with Handshake: Building the Foundation for International online shop success.

Goldshell has been on a journey with Handshake (HNS) since its early days. The first HNS order from Goldshell was made on July 11th, 2020, just five months after its release. During this period, Goldshell team completed the research and development of HS1 miner, brought a 50GH/s Hashrate to the home mining world. The miner needs to connect to a computer at that time. While the company had been in the business for years, it was with HS1 that Goldshell found its iconic starting point and began its international business. 

We are appreciating the love and support of the HNS community. It is grateful to have the opportunity to provide foundational power to this project and grow alongside it. The team initially underestimated what 50GH/s could do under the HNS network but witnessed many innovative ideas discussed and enforced in this project.

The connection with Handshake allowed Goldshell to become a valuable crypto resource for anyone interested in learning more. There are already several series of miners available to help end-users gain more knowledge of the HNS ecosystem through mining cryptos; Therefore, we’ve decided to bring more options to home mining. Also, that’s why we created the BOX and LITE series, which offers alternative options for home mining.

Ⅱ. Goldshell’s HNS miner line: better service for multiple needs

The goal of BOX series is to be small, quiet, easy-to-set-up and suitable for new miners who just entered the cryptocurrency world. We’ve developed different platforms to help all customers set up easily.

  •, find miner’s IP address by one-click, and connect to miners’ dashboard easily.
  • Goldshell Hub, One-stop solution that easy-to-use and advanced in control your miner.  You can group up different miners and change hashrate mode by having one simple action. 

“Those are the things we are trying to help our customers manage the miners easier.” James said. Wi-Fi option can also be one of the upgrades for mining experience, set up miner everywhere you want. 

Based on customers’ feedback on BOX miner, Goldshell has been working on LITE series production. LITE series, an evolved version of BOX series, also quiet and with a more powerful hashrate.

One of the advantages is LITE series miner support wide voltage (eg HS LITE), supports 100-240V for global electricity needs. Another advantage is offering an available different hash mode. People can enjoy their mining journey with us at home, and also enjoy what HNS program brings to them as well.

Ⅲ. Goldshell’s plan: commit to Product, Service, and Community

After all these years, we have seen a lot of people devoted themselves into HNS and create upon what Goldshell can’t. Handshake also developed from a simple mining reward project into an ecosystem, where people can build limitless, like all sorts of naming facilities.

Goldshell loves to be corner stone of the network to provide secure and stable network hashrate to help builders to build freely on HNS by serving the miners all around the world, making the whole world connects together.

“We would like to spend more energy to make miners to give customers the tickets to enter this world.” James talked.

“We are committed to decentralized hashrate, so we always free shipping around the world. Even though that need extra spending. Until now, our Handshake miners have shipped to over 80 countries, more than thousands of individuals have bought so far. Mostly, they are end-users, which mean more and more people are starting to know cryptocurrency and start enjoying the journey of cryptocurrency.”

Goldshell will keep focusing on Handshake project by providing the best miner service to the community to achieve a ‘Triple Win’ situation: Goldshell, Handshake community and our customers. Do more possibilities to achieve our goals. 

Later April, Handshake is going to have the first halving, this is very beneficial to the sustainable development of Handshake, give more possibilities to the Handshake community. Goldshell wishes a promising future to the HNS community. 

At last, Goldshell has prepared giveaway event for HNS enthusiasts and Goldshell community, 5* HS LITE and 10* Gift “BOX”. Congrats to those who won the Q&A session on live speech and Discord quiz. 

More details have public on Goldshell’s discord channel, free to join in our community to say hello with James!