About HS1

Does the HS1 support Mac OS or Linux?

No. Currently HS1 miner software only support Windows.

How many HS1 miners are supported to plug in ONE PC or Notebook?

Our miner app can at least support 5 HS1 devices to work together in ONE PC or Notebook.  It may support more than 5. But we have not test that.

Why is HS1 miners offline and has lower hashrate frequently?

Please make sure Notebook or PC is in NORMAL mode. HS1 need host notebook or pc to provide internet connections.

What should I do after i received the HS1 miner?

Check if the package is in normal status and the machine does not have obviously damage. Then shake the the miner to check if there is no sound inside of the miner. If any of the previously stated situation has occurred, please contact the after-sales immediately.

How to prepare the environment?

Please make sure user have stable internet connection and and power supply. The room temperature should be less than 40 Celsius degree with good air circulation.

Where to download the HS1 control panel?

Please go to the goldshell official website to download the Goldshell Miner.

Where is the power on/off button on the machine?

There is no power on/off button on HS1 machine. After powered on and connected with USB cable to PC, the machine will automatically be in stand by mode.

After I downloaded the Goldshell Miner what else should i do?

The user need to apply a HNS wallet and generate an address, then choose a HNS pool(We suggest the Dxpool as the default one, currently it ranked the top in all of the HNSS pool)

How am I supposed to set the mining pool?

Choose the miner icon and click the set miner button, then input the url, port number, username and password, click apply.

After all of the preparing work, how am I supposed to do the make the miner running?

Connect the miner to the PC with USB cable and after correctly input the mining parameters, the blue indicator will flash, watch the hashrate curve in the interface of the software. If the curve shows up the hashrate is around 50GH/s, then the miner is running normally.

Why after I set the miner and the hashrate in the Goldshell Miner is normal, but there is no or very less hashrate in the pool’s hashrate curve?

The statistic data from the pool will have delay compared to the instant data in the Goldshell Miner.

what if the HS1’s hashrate fluctuate very fluently?

Check if the internet status is not stable, if the internet is stable, please contact the after Goldshell sales to submit your problem, we have specialists team to support you.