Dear Goldshell Friends,

We are thrilled to inform you that we have updated the APP to version 2.1.0! This time, we have made significant changes.

Changes on the Homepage

1. Deleted Homepage Banner: We removed the banner to display more of the status information you might interested in.

2. Enhanced Miner Dashboard: The homepage now displays only online and total quantities. By clicking on the numbers, you can easily see how many of your miners are online, offline, or facing faults. Clicking on any of them will take you to the miner management page.

3. Separate Management and Setting: We have made the miner management section more user-centric by placing essential functions on the homepage and keeping other functions in the miner settings.

4. Improved Miner Management: We added a filter on the management page so you can find specific miners. Then simply change one or more miner settings by clicking the manage icon on the top right.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Feel free to join our Discord APP group or provide feedback or suggestion through the APP feedback feature. Your input is crucial in helping us enhance the user experience and make our APP even better.

Warm regards,

Goldshell Team